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Payment Method

The following payment methods are accepted on

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover
  • You have to enter debit/credit card information in each transaction. We do not save your debit/credit information on file.
  • All products sold are listed in US Dollars and will not be automatically converted into your local currency. MAGIFEL is not responsible for any conversion fees or foreign exchange fees associated with international orders.


  • Payments cannot be split between multiple credit cards.
  • All cards must have a valid security code.
  • We can't put Paypal as the payment method on our website due to PayPal's new rules for the vape business.

Payment Failed, Do not honor

  • They do not honor or Invalid Service Code messages indicate that the customer card's issuing bank will not validate the transaction and provide an authorization code. Essentially, it means that the credit card being used for the transaction has been completely rejected by the issuing bank. To resolve the issue, you must contact the customer credit card's issuing bank and obtain a verbal authorization code for the transaction. After obtaining the authorization code, you can then capture the transaction manually.
  • We will recommend you to call the number on the back of your card and talk to the customer representative of your bank, please let them know you are trying to place an order online and request them to approve the transaction.
  • Due to regulatory restrictions, a single order cannot exceed $1,500, so if you need to buy more than $1,500 of e-cigarettes, please place multiple orders.

Have more questions or concerns? Contact us at any time: [email protected]