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Vape Coils

Vape Coils (Vape Replacement Coils), also known as atomizer head, is the heart of an atomizer. With the coils, vape tanks can serve as a delivery mechanism to produce a great deal of vapor. A vape coil converts energy from the vape mod and heats the coil inside, this then vaporizes vape juice that is soaked into the wicking material, which is then inhaled by you.
An atomizer head mainly consists of three parts: main body, wire and wicking material. The main body is the indispensable part attached to the base of tank, which provides necessary contact to the coil. Wire is the part that wrapped into a coil. When you press the fire button, it will provide power to the coil and then convert the energy to heat, vaporizing the e-liquid into vapor cloud. Wicking material is the absorbent material like cotton that inserted through the coil.
The coil resistance can be adjusted on the basis of how many wraps of a wire there are, the gauge and type of wire. An atomizer head with resistance above 1.0ohm is often used at lower power and is more suited for flavor pursuers. An atomizer head with a resistance less than 1.0 ohm are usually referred to as “sub-ohm” and can produce large vapor cloud with powerful output.

Vape coils are the component in your tank or pod that heats up e-liquid, turning it into the vapour you inhale. This includes coils from top manufacturers including Uwell, Aspire and Smok, as well as more niche brands like GeekVape. Whether you’re looking for increased vapour production with sub ohm coils or a discreet MTL style, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Most vape coils are made from Nichrome or Kanthal. Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel are also available, but not so popular. Then what coil is the best for you? It’s diverse from each other. The best way is to try different resistances and see which one works for you. Here at our vape store, we offer all kinds of vape coils for you to choose from. Welcome to select what you want.