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Tobacco Flavored Vape Juice

Magifel tobacco vape juice collection has the best flavors and tobacco e-liquid combinations– a blend of old world and new, of two seemingly opposite styles that somehow work perfectly together. We’re giving you the classic flavor of tobacco, in flavor profiles that’ll soothe even the most ferocious tobacco fiend.

There’s a reason that tobacco-flavored ejuice has been a chart topper in the vaping community for years, and you can bet that this popular flavor won’t be fading into the background anytime soon. With its distinctively rich, complex flavor profile and a talent for pairing beautifully with a wide variety of other flavors, tobacco is a classic with endless potential.

For former smokers looking to make the switch to vaping, stocking their ejuice shelves with quality tobacco flavors makes sense – after all, what better way to kick the old habit than to replace it with something equally delicious and satisfying? You can eliminate the tar, ash, and noxious smoke but still preserve the smoky, savory taste of tobacco by taking the leap and making vaping your newest favorite hobby. Plus, while traditional tobacco is often a one-hit wonder in terms of flavor notes, putting it in eliquid form opens the door to a world of creative and delicious experimentation.

Finding your perfect-match tobacco blend is the equivalent of discovering a friend for life in flavor form, one that you know you’ll be able to count on for an enjoyable vape experience anytime, anywhere. Reliable but never boring, a time-honored tradition that’s always up to explore new territory, tobacco is one of the foundational flavors of nearly every vaper’s eliquid collection.

Introduce Tobacco to a Diverse Cast of Other Flavors

Sure, classic tobacco-only blends like our Sloop Tobaccos is a must-have for any tobacco lover, but there are plenty of other ways to mix it up as well. Tobacco is one of the rare flavors that works wonderfully with a wide range of other flavors, playing nicely with both sweet and savory notes.
For a tobacco-flavored eliquid that will satisfy your sweet tooth, Magifel favorites like Caramel Tobacco is  an excellent choice. Go international with globally-inspired tobacco flavors like Cuban Cigar and Simply Shisha, or add a refreshingly icy-cool element to your vape sessions with the minty-fresh Tobacco Menthol. Other creative flavors in the Magifel tobacco collection include Caramel Tobacco.


Explore Top-Selling Tobacco E Liquids from Magifel

Browse our delicious selection of tobacco-inspired ejuice or get creative with a DIY flavor combination, and discover your newest favorite flavor from Magifel today.