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High Wattage Vape

1. Bigger Vape Clouds

The main advantage of a high-watt vape is that you can produce much bigger clouds through selecting the right Sub-Ohm technology, marrying up with the best e-liquids. This is one of the big appeals of vaping and using e-liquids because it’s fun to create massive clouds of vapour. Naturally, by having a device with high wattage capabilities, it means the general power output is increased, so the vape clouds are almost supercharged.

Now, this is an interesting point because it’s not necessarily seen as an advantage by everyone. There’s a term used for people that vape and like to create big clouds, they’re called ‘cloud chasers’. To them, creating big clouds of vapour is almost like a hobby. So, having a device that can produce massive clouds is a big bonus. But, if you’re just a casual vaper, then this can be a disadvantage for you.


2. Hotter Vapour

Speaking of vapour clouds, another advantage of higher wattage vaporisers is they heat your e-liquid more effectively. This in turn heats the vapour you inhale. Why is this a good thing? Well, it’s said that a hotter vapour cloud helps mimic the typical cloud you get when smoking, but with a much larger volume. While the shape of the clouds are different depending on how high your wattage is, the habit remains the same. Anyone that’s ever tried to quit smoking knows that the key is replacing all the feelings and familiar cravings.

3. Stronger Flavour

When you use a device with a lot of watts, you’re putting so much power into your e-liquids. As mentioned, this heats them up better, which doesn’t just produce the heated vape clouds. Alongside this, you also get a more intense flavour. For someone that vapes a lot, investing in high-quality e-liquids is a massive advantage. Too many e-liquids are very tame in their flavouring and you have to look at different ways of trying to create a stronger taste. One example to accomplish this feat is by pairing the e-liquid with the right temperature by altering your wattage. For instance, you'll not want to burn your fruity flavours such as tropical by overheating. The same goes for a menthol taste, keeping it as cool as the flavour to compliment the sensation.

Also, the debate remains about where to store your e-liquid to help boost the flavour. Instead, you don’t need to fuss over the best method when the vaping device boasts a powerful wattage. To optimise the flavour, aim for between 150-200W. Selecting the right ratio of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) is also important. While both are natural substances and dominate your e-liquid, it’s the thicker substance of the former that will compliment a stronger powered vape. PG is often the choice of new vapers and former smokers because the consistency is thinner and provides a sharper throat hit. Therefore, a 70/30 VG to PG ratio is a wiser choice. However, some still like a 50/50 ratio to get the best of both worlds, so it really comes down to personal preference. If you seek larger clouds and stronger flavours, anything above 70% VG will ensure a smooth experience and excellent option for cloud chasing, providing it matches the coil resistance.